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5 Clear Advantages That Come with Buying in a New Housing Estate


Becoming a homeowner is a complicated process that involves a lot of hard work, research, and decision-making. It also brings with it the heavy responsibility of maximising the opportunity in a way that allows buying a home to develop into a great investment that pays dividends.

There a many possibilities and paths that lead to the fulfilment of the Great Australian Dream. Whether it is buying an established home or purchasing property to build upon, each option brings with it specific pros and cons.

However, it is possible to buy the dream home, at the ideal purchase price, that proves to be a worthy investment in the long term.

One such avenue is to purchase real estate in a new housing development. This is because, it brings with it, some significant benefits that simply cannot be denied:

1. Creative Control

One of the most important things home buyers are looking for is the freedom to make a house into a home of their own. Whether it is building a new home or buying a construction home, the opportunity to make choices in the design of a house is invaluable to the process.

From deciding the layout of a room to selecting the ideal colour scheme, the ability to personalise the space is critical to ensuring that long-term goals are being met.

This may also prove to be financially favourable. As customising a house during the construction phase may make more economic sense than buying an existing home and then renovating it to suit individual preferences.

2. High Baseline Standards

Most housing developments have stringent regulations with regard to the building materials used, their environmental impact, the plumbing and electrical systems installed, and the building codes adhered.

This provides a great source of relief to new home owners as they can be assured that their new homes, not only meet current standards, but are completely modernised. From the foundation, to the drainage systems, and ventilation, these homes create a safe haven for families.

Home owners can also be guaranteed that their homes are not plagued by leaky roofs or dangerous structural issues. This results in great savings on maintenance and general upkeep.

Furthermore, if any issue were to arise in the future, they are most likely covered by the builder’s warranty.

3. Ease of Access to Amenities

As with any issue relating to real estate, the mantra of “location, location, location”, still holds true. Especially in case of housing developments.

This is because housing developments are uniquely designed to optimise access for its occupants to amenities such as schools, parks, shopping centres, and swimming pools. Factors that are held in high value to any potential new home owner.

The carefully planned layout of these estates also creates open spaces so that residents can enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.

4. Security and Community

Another wonderful aspect of housing developments is the sense of community and security it promotes among its residents.

With any new housing development, most home owners find themselves in similar circumstances of becoming first-time home owners. These commonalities create a sense of community that tends to manifest itself in the form of neighbourly warmth.

Along with the residential atmosphere and the advent of homeowners’ associations, new housing developments make an ideal setting for young families to raise children in a peaceful and secure environment.

5. Modern Technology

An obvious advantage of buying a modern home is that it comes with all the benefits of the latest materials and technology that are utilised in current constructions.
This means that the new home owners reap the rewards of:

• Better insulation
• Latest heating and cooling technologies
• Energy efficient appliances

These considerably greener and energy efficient homes also help counter rising utility costs meaning residents would be spending less on gas and electricity bills.


With so many amenities and advantages, it is easy to see why buying in a new housing estate can be the perfect purchase.

Attaining a position of financial stability that enables an investment in a home is enviable. But the right choices need to be made to ensure that this asset is optimised in the long term.

So, buying a newly built, modern, energy efficient home, situated in the ideal setting, that is also environmentally favourable, could not only be a perfect place to put down roots, but could also prove to be a worthy investment.

If you are searching for the ideal home on which to build an exciting future, look no further than Deanside Central. Our team of expert developers know exactly how to make your dream home a reality!


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