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5 Reasons Why Living in Deanside is All About Being Central to Everything!


Deanside Central is an incredibly well-planned community located in the beautiful suburb of Deanside in Melbourne. In addition to the amazing housing within, it also boasts of every amenity imaginable making it a homeowner’s dream.

Ease of access to the freeway and close proximity to Caroline Springs and Melbourne’s central business district also means that you are never far from all the essentials. All of this contribute to making Deanside a wonderful neighbourhood.

But apart from the conveniences and facilities that every homeowner seeks, Deanside Central offers an incredible array of activities and experiences that guarantee a high quality of life for its residents.

These added comforts break the monotony and ensure that fun, leisure, and relaxation will always be at hand when living in Deanside.

So, what exactly does Deanside Central offer?
Read on to find out just how much there is to do and experience:
The Ultimate Shopping Experience.

Regardless of whether you are shopping for your weekly groceries or on the hunt for high fashion, Deanside has it all. Soon featuring its very own Town Centre, Deanside Central is also located in close proximity to several major shopping centres, so all your retail needs are just a short drive away.

Some of these famous Melbourne shopping centres include:
• Watergardens Town Centre
• Watervale Shopping Centre
• Taylors Hill Village Shopping Centre
• Caroline Springs Square Shopping Centre

Not only do these centres comprise of supermarkets and specialty shops, they also feature numerous cafes and eateries, allowing you to transform your shopping expedition into a fun-filled day out with friends.

Dining Choices Galore

In addition to the abundant options available within shopping centres in and around Deanside, there are plenty of restaurants near Deanside that offer cuisines from all over the world in your own neighbourhood.

Be it Vietnamese or Korean, Indian or authentic Australian, every part of the planet is represented through its unique palates in the form of casual or fine dining experiences.

Some of the more popular eateries located mere minutes from your front door are:
• Witchmount Estate Winery
• Red Beetle Café
• Galli Estate Winery
• Aintree Café and Garden

These restaurants and many others nearby promise to provide incredible experiences and amazing meals perfect for creating the best memories.

Sports, Fitness, and Health

An important aspect of personal well-being involves being physically active. The developers at Deanside Central work towards this goal by tying in every aspect of physical fitness with accessibility and availability.

Our future amenities will include a Sports Centre, an indoor Recreation Centre and a Sporting Oval. This allows our residents to enjoy all the benefits of a physically active lifestyle without compromising on family time or involving a long commute.

With numerous fitness options and a range of sporting opportunities, residents of Deanside Central of all ages and fitness levels can appreciate the pleasure that comes from an energetic day out.

Green, Open Spaces for Relaxing Strolls

Even if you are not a typical sports enthusiast, there is an abundance of opportunities to enjoy the benefits of getting out into the open air and going for a long evening stroll.

Tired after a long work day? Take a long stroll. Need some time to unwind? Go for a walk. Been stuck in a chair all day? Fit in a quick jog.

The design and plan of Deanside Central ensures that every resident has ample access to open spaces that are vital in creating a relaxed and peaceful environment and promoting mental wellbeing.

The community is surrounded by natural greenery and bordered by conservation areas. The lush vegetation and the beautiful paths turn ordinary walks into meditative experiences.

Family Fun

The natural beauty of the area and the opportunities it offers are not limited to evening strolls and morning runs. Deanside is also central to a large number of parks that are ideal for creating beautiful memories with your family. Some great options to check out are:
• Organ Pipes National Park
• Hannah Watts Park
• Navan Park
• Mawson Gardens

These parks boast of nature trails, playgrounds, and dedicated barbeque and picnic areas. With all these on offer, a simple hike ending with a fun picnic can turn into the best day ever!

Deanside Central really does have it all. Beautiful houses, peaceful neighbourhoods, access to great schools, childcare, healthcare, and transportation. All the features that make it a truly incredible community.

But the team at Deanside Central also considers the extra comforts that contribute to making a house into a home. The recreational activities and fun family past times that create the most amazing experiences.

All these features and facilities so close to home make Deanside Central the ideal home for you and your family.

If you are looking for a community that not only provides great residential options and all the amenities and conveniences that go together with a great location, such as accessible schools, childcare and transportation, but also the extra benefits of being close to nature and a multitude of recreational activities for quality family time, then Deanside Central is the neighbourhood for you!

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