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Questions to Ask Before Moving to a New Suburb


Moving into a new home is a big deal. No question about it. And with all the concerns and considerations regarding the ideal house, it’s easy to overlook the importance of researching the neighbourhood and suburb you are moving to, especially if it’s new to you.

The location of your new home is often just as important as the new home itself, as it makes a significant impact on how comfortable and secure you feel. For this reason, it is important to take the time to explore your potential new neighbourhood and find out if the suburb is the right match for you.

Everyone has a unique perspective and different priorities, but some of the common queries that must be asked when considering a move to a new suburb include:

  1. What is the neighbourhood and community like?

The neighbourhood and community that you surround yourself with is a crucial factor when moving to a new home. They can be a deciding influence on how ‘at home’ you feel.

Therefore, getting familiarised with the area beforehand can be a good idea. Explore the neighbourhood, or simply look up any community-based groups on Facebook which originate from the area. These can give you a good idea of the community spirit and the general vibe.

Community-organised events and activities that cater to family-friendly fun is also an important factor if you are looking for an active and social group.

Speaking to locals while out and about can help you to ascertain the pros and cons of moving to that suburb. After all, who better to ask than a resident who knows all the best places in the area.

  1. How safe is the area?

Whether you are living alone or with a family, how safe you feel in the area will quickly determine how much you enjoy your new home.

Doing research on crime rates in the area, visiting the suburb at night, checking to see if the streets are well-lit, and looking up neighbourhood watch groups, can all help you to answer this crucial question.

  1. What is the lifestyle like?

A large part of figuring out if a particular suburb is the right fit for you is by defining what amenities and entities are a core part of your lifestyle.

Proximity to family and friends, access to nearby parks and playgrounds, fitness centres, cafes and restaurants, are all factors that affect your lifestyle, physical and mental health, and overall happiness.

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a foodie, determining what is important to you, and what you cannot do without, will ultimately help you to decide if a suburb is right for you.

  1. Does the move fit into my budget?

An integral part of any move involves assessing if you can afford the extra costs involved. Your dream home and subsequent move should not cause you to lose sleep over your finances.

Speaking with a trusted and reputed real estate agent can be invaluable as they can guide you towards the best property within your budget and your lifestyle. Arranging a home loan and a comprehensive repayment plan will make planning your finances that much easier.

Creating a quick budget of daily expenses, utilities, school fees, groceries, and fuel, and factoring these with your mortgage can give you an idea of the cost and feasibility of living comfortably in your new home.

  1. Distance to essentials and amenities

While moving to a quiet suburb is an extremely appealing option particularly for young families, having easy access to essentials such as hospitals, clinics, and even grocery stores, is just as important.

So, try to find a neighbourhood that helps you to balance the quiet surroundings of a suburb with the convenience and accessibility of the city.

  1. Commute involved

When a large portion of your day is spent travelling to and from work or school, it leaves very little time for you to enjoy the benefits of living in a modern suburb. Factoring in your daily commute is therefore essential when selecting a neighbourhood.

In addition to your commute, consider the distance from your home to the nearest city, as well as the transport services that are closest to you. All of this can add a lot of convenience and accessibility to your daily life.


Moving to a new home and new suburb is an exciting chapter in your life. To ensure that this relocation is the right move for you, careful consideration, research, and a little exploration can go a long way.

Write down exactly what you are looking for from your new neighbourhood, be it easy access to shopping centres and public transport, or plenty of open spaces for outdoor activities. This checklist can be your guide in determining how to rate prospective neighbourhoods.

Speaking to the locals, estate agents, and potential neighbours, and asking the right questions, will then help you to make the right decision and select the ideal neighbourhood for you and your family.


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