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Buying Land? Here Are 6 Ways of Making Sure It Is the Right One for You


Land ownership can not only be a valuable investment, but it is also the first step on your journey towards building your dream home. However, entering a contract and purchasing land without careful evaluation and thorough research could create many risks and complications down the road.

The location, size and even shape of the land could affect your building plan and building costs, so the block of land you purchase could essentially determine the type of house you build and the cost of building that home. So carefully evaluating the land before purchase is a vital part of the process towards becoming a proud landowner.

If you are looking for the perfect block of land to buy, or have looked at numerous blocks without finding the perfect one, or have found a good block but are unsure if it is the right one for you, here are a few factors that could help you decide:

1. Location, location, location

It may be cliché, but it is true. In real estate, location is everything. Buying land and building a home is a long-term investment. So, you need to be sure that the place you choose is the right one for you.

Other than personal considerations such as proximity to family, there are some general parameters that can be used to assess if a location is ideally suited to you:


As with any property, the block of land you purchase should ideally be close to essential services and amenities such as hospitals and schools. Furthermore, the convenience of being within walking or driving distance to your workplace cannot be undermined. Ease of access to major roadways and public transport, shopping centres and parks, are all factors that determine the convenience of a location.


The people you are surrounded by can have an impact on how comfortable and secure you feel in your new home. A relationship of mutual respect and understanding can go a long way in helping you feel at home, while at the same time allowing you the necessary space and privacy.


Your new home should be where you feel safe and relaxed. In addition to issues such as crime, factor in the likelihood of bushfires and flooding in the area. Check with your developer or local council to ascertain these risk factors and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve.

2. Dimensions

It is not surprising that the size and shape of the land affects the home design. Large, rectangular blocks are wonderful building opportunities and smart investments. But factors such as land orientation and the slope of your land could also play an important role in costs of building.

The orientation of the land can not only determine the placement of windows, but also your future energy bills. This is because, orientation plays an important role in the amount of natural light and warmth that enters your home. This is why homes with a northern orientation are considered optimal as they allow for more sunlight during winter months but prevent excessive heating in the summer making your home more energy efficient.

The slope and terrain of the land are also important factors as they greatly impact the cost of building. Levelling, addition of retaining walls, excavation, and preparing a solid foundation are some of the additional factors that may have to considered on a steep and rocky terrain. All of which cuts into your budget.

3. Planning Controls

Before building, it is a good idea to check for any future developments in the area. Building proposals can give you an idea of any major construction that is planned by the city. These can have a significant impact on the design of your home, the neighbourhood, and accessibility. New roadways, structures, easements, and zoning considerations can not only hamper building plans, but they could also be detrimental to the value of your property. So, enquiring about future projects from the city or council could help you in deciding where to buy.

4. Utility Services

Another crucial factor that could affect your budget is the availability of utility services like power, water, gas, sewage, and internet to your block of land. This is because, if unavailable, the cost of installing and connecting these utilities to your land could overrun your intended budget.

Fortunately, most developers already have these services in place. But it never hurts to double check.

This is also one of the major advantages of investing in house and land packages. You can design the home you want, on the land you want, but with many technical and logistical details already handled.

5. Soil Quality

It may not seem obvious, but the soil on your land plays an important role in deciding the cost of building. The type and quality of soil determines the extent of excavation or reinforcement required to build a stable foundation.

Soil type can also affect the cost of building materials, so carrying out soil testing prior to purchasing a block of land is an easy solution to avoid unforeseen problems ahead.

6. Legal Considerations

Thorough research and careful evaluation of the block of land you intend to purchase should also include doing the necessary due diligence. Some of the legal considerations include:

• Development approval
• Covenants
• Restrictions and regulations
• Contracts

These take into account factors such as how the land can be developed, any restrictions on the type of building materials used, limitations on the height and style of your building, and legitimacy of the land titles. These issues may be resolved by consulting with the local council, real estate developers, and legal experts.


Building your own home is an incredible undertaking that gives you the freedom of designing a house that fits the needs of you and your family. And the first step in realising that dream, is the purchase of an ideal block of land on which to construct your new home. But this crucial step is often overlooked when land is bought without careful consideration, that could later have a tremendous impact in the design and cost of your home.

Many elements play a role in making a block of land ideally suited to you. Careful consideration of these factors and a thorough investigation could help you make the best decision for your home and your future.

If you are looking for the perfect block of land on which to build your dream home, reach out to the team at Deanside Central. This beautifully designed and conveniently located township is only surpassed in quality by our experienced team of developers who will guide you through this process with utmost ease and expertise.


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